command line flashii chatii (pronounced klee)
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command line flashii chatii (pronounced klee)

Important information for Termux users

This client uses some features from the Termux API to allow for more effective interoperability with other parts of the system. During startup clii will detect if the shell is termux and if the Termux API subcomponent is installed. If you would like to take advantage of these features, refer to for more information.

You MUST install the application package as well as installing termux-api from the package manager inside termux. IF YOU DO NOT DO THIS IT WILL NOT WORK. YOU MUST DO THIS.

Additionally, you will need to give Termux:API additional permissions in your Android settings. There is an option under advanced settings that allows for Termux:API to modify system settings. YOU MUST ENABLE THIS SETTING OR API CALLS WILL NOT WORK.

If the API calls still do not work after these steps, you may need to disable DuraSpeed in your Android settings. DuraSpeed can kill the API process and cause all API calls to indefinitely hang.